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Wisconsin requires real estate professionals to obtain a license to practice real estate.  This allows the state to regulate real estate practice in Wisconsin.  The goal of regulation is consumer protection.  For many consumers in real estate transactions, the process is unfamiliar and can be overwhelming.  Especially in residential transactions, the transfer of property and money may involve the majority of the consumer’s accumulated wealth and assets.  Consumers rely on licensed real estate professionals to help them navigate the complicated steps required to transfer property from one owner to another.

Consumer protection is the goal of requiring individuals to be licensed to participate in real estate transactions.  Just as the state requires people to obtain a license to drive, practice law or medicine, sell insurance, and provide cosmetology services, Wisconsin requires anyone who does any of the acts found in the definition of “broker” to obtain a real estate license.  This allows the state to make sure that those who assist consumers in real estate transactions have completed the licensing education, passed the state exam, satisfied the licensing requirements and comply with biennial license renewal and continuing education.

Teasdale Realty & Auction Service LLC staff have two Wisconsin state licensed Real Estate Brokers licenses (Larry & Pam Teasdale) as well as a licensed Real Estate Salesperson (Karla Jerry). Trained, knowledgeable and Wisconsin licensed, dedicated to serving your best interests in any Real Estate transaction in which they serve as your agent. Put your trust in the company with a multi-generational commitment to our community, Teasdale Realty & Auction Service, LLC.

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